Safeguarding your office with OXIRA

Talking sends spittle and viruses flying into the air with the quantity, speed and reach much more than breathing. The closer you are to the source, the greater the chance of exposure to virus-laden droplets or virus particles that can be inhaled or land in your eyes.

Common high-risk spots in offices are:

  1. reception areas,
  2. meeting rooms,
  3. manager’s rooms, and
  4. pantries,

where people will communicate at close range.

OXIRA Air Neutraliser is compact in size. That means you can place the OXIRA unit anywhere and to capture and eliminate the virus and bacteria IMMEDIATELY after they are released from the source.

OXIRA units (especially our NOCTURNE model which generates noise level of only ~12dBA) are also extremely quiet which will not cause nuisance to the workplace.

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