How to use air purifiers for personal protection?

How to use air purifiers for personal protection? Most air purifiers are used for general air disinfection which focus on reducing pathogen spread and the number of infected persons, but the way they are usually placed may not be effective for personal protection. Imagine you are next to a carrier, you know the air purifier several meters away may stop virus from spreading far, but to you personally, it may be of little help. Personal protection is not possible without an air purifier that can be placed next to a person, and because air purifiers are mostly large in size and professional air purifiers generally lack portability, the community still lacks the awareness to bring along their own air purifiers for personal protection. OXIRA is probably the only professional air purifier that has the level of portability, safety and superior germicidal power to significantly reduce the risk of contracting airborne disease on a personal level. Our doctor users typically place the OXIRA unit between them and their patients which works as a barrier for continuous and real-time personal protection to both the doctors and their patients.OXIRA is proven to eliminate 99.99% airborne coronavirus in 0.1 seconds. It weighs only 0.6kg and is as small as a foldable umbrella which makes it easily portable. With a small size USB powerpack, it is also good on the go for hours of personal protection.


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