How OXIRA works

10% of sunlight is made of Ultra Violet rays, of which only about 3-4% penetrate the atmosphere to reach the surface of the earth.

UV-C (100-380nm wavelength) has germicidal properties; 254nm is known to have the strongest germicidal effect. When absorbed by DNA and RNA in viruses and bacteria, UV-C deactivates them, rendering them unable to reproduce. The deactivated microbes are harmless.


UV-C (GERMICIDAL UV) >> 254nm is the MOST EFFECTIVE wavelength for sanitisation.
The OXIRA SENTRY, NOCTURNE and XN all work using the same technology – ultraviolet irradiation. Air is sucked into the unit, the ultraviolet light treats the air, and then expelled out.


With the SENTRY and NOCTURNE model, the UVC used is at 254nm wavelength, which deactivates the cells of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi from the air.
With the XN model, the UVC used is at 185nm wavelength, which is also germicidal, but more importantly generates a steady stream of ozone which is effective in reducing odor by neutralising airborne bacteria, fungi, moulds and other substances such as VOC and formaldehyde.
The distance between the UVC source and the microbes are the determining factors of neutralization power, which is why OXIRA units are designed to be small so that the air passing through the OXIRA units will be at the closest range from the UVC light source for the most efficient neutralisation effect.

UV-C protects you, your family and friends, your staff and clients from pathogens and allergens, including viruses, bacteria and fungi (including mould and yeast).

UV-C rays have been scientifically proven to effectively kill 99.99% of the above microbes. This can effectively reduce airborne transmission of pathogens such as influenza, measles, coronavirus, chickenpox, tuberculosis, and triggers of asthma or airborne allergies.

We use one of the most powerful and reliable UV tubes available in the global market. We have partnered with leading German company to bring you the world’s best quartz lamps. Each OXIRA unit contains one UV tube which has operation life of 15,000 hours. 15,000 hours is equivalent to 20 months of continuous 24/7 operation, or 41 months if operated 12 hours a day.


Moulds are fungus and are very common in humid regions like Hong Kong… especially in outdoor air. 

UV-C and ozone are both very efficient in killing… and how tough they are. All OXIRA models are efficient in reducing moulds but XN is relatively more efficient because it generates ozone which will actively spread to even the darkest corners to attack the mould fungus.

OXIRA is one of the very few UV-C Air Neutralizers that are laboratory proven worldwide to effectively reduce 99.99% of airborne coronavirus.

You can expect higher performance with the use of 254nm UV-C and its special reflector coating that boosts UV-C intensity by over 50%.

OXIRA units have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry where safety, simplicity and durability are of paramount importance.

Global Lab test results have shown that the OXIRA unit complies with international safety standards and is SAFE to use.

OXIRA Certifications


OXIRA’s airflow is NOT ADJUSTABLE because it is preset at an air flow speed for OPTIMUM UV-C EXPOSURE to ensure the most effective killing of airborne pathogens in a single passing.

Only the XN model generates Ozone. The amount of ozone produced by the XN model is significantly low meeting international safety standards that give customers peace of mind. 

The XN model has two actions: It kills germs and deodorises the air without any chemicals. It is extremely safe to use.

The Nocturne and Sentry models do not generate any ozone.

Most odours in our daily lives are generated from bacteria and moulds. OXIRA’s germicidal power will remove such odours.

OXIRA is most effective if placed close to person or the crowd you intend to protect for close range protection. OXIRA units are designed small so that you could distribute multiple units in business premises for simultaneous protection at different spots of the room. Adequate internal air circulation will also help ensure the performance of OXIRA units.
Doctors around the world understand that face masks cannot completely block the tiniest virus particles such as coronavirus and influenza, which is why doctors usually place OXIRA on the desk between them and their patients, so that OXIRA can provide them with continuous and close range protection. As OXIRA can be powered by powerpacks since late 2021, OXIRA has probably become the world’s only professional portable air purifier. You can bring your own OXIRA unit and place it on the dining table when you dine out or when you take a long-haul trip for your most effective protection. 


OXIRA air neutralisers in Hong Kong surpasses in design, quality, sanitisation technology, maintenance, efficiency, reliability and safety.


OXIRA stands out from the crowd with:

1. Compact Design
Compact design for easy installation and close range UVC irradiation on all microbes passing through the unit with maximum intensity resulting in world leading germicidal power.

2. 24/7 Sanitisation

Evenly distributed and constant sanitisation round the clock, safely and worry-free

3. Safe

UV light designed in protected enclosure, shielding from direct exposure to eyes and skin. Tested to meet all relevant safety standards. TESTED no harmful UV light emitted from the machine and 100% safe to use

4. Low Maintenance
Minimal maintenance required, and low energy usage, saving the user thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. Designed for the healthcare industry where simplicity and durability is of paramount importance.

5. Efficient

Uses highest quality German quartz to maximise the intensity of UV irradiation. Specially designed to maximise efficiency.

6. Reflector Coating

OXIRA’s world leading technology, boosting intensity by > 50%

7. Top Quality Parts

Selected top quality parts from around the world

8. Stringent Quality Control

Each product is tested for 48 hours before packing

9. Reliability

0% defect rate since 2009.

10. International Quality Standards

Internationally certified for global use and conforms to international quality standards


Where is OXIRA used?

OXIRA is installed globally to ensure safe, clean air to those who want assurance of quality life.

Countries where OXIRA is sold and installed

EMEAI – Italy, United Kingdom, India, Egypt, South Afirca
South Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam
GCG – China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
ANZ – Australia, New Zealand
NA – USA, Canada, Brazil

Selected Client Portfolio

Royal Children’s Hospital, Australia
The Burnet Institute, Australia
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia
Children’s Respiratory Foundation, USA
Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore
KF BioPlants, live tissue production, India
Mumbai General Hospital, India
Specialised Poultry Nurseries, Malaysia
Beijing Hospital, China
Rede D’or Hospital, Brazil


OXIRA leverage the UV-C technology and is widely used across many different industries.

  • Medical and healthcare
  • Food and beverage
  • Trade and services
  • Education
  • Sports and recreation
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Childcare
  • Real estate
  • Automotive
  • Homes

In Australia alone, OXIRA is used in over:

  • 70 Hospitals, Healthcare and Aged Care Facilities
  • 50 Schools and Childcare Facilities
  • 20 Office Towers & Corporate Buildings
  • 30 Hotels & Serviced Apartments
  • 20 Factories & Food Manufacturing Facilities
  • 50 Shops, Restaurants & Other Businesses

Installation and Maintenance


  • Area coverage: 430 sq ft for general healthcare facilities, office premises and homes; 260 sq ft for general public indoor areas, restaurants and catering premises.


  • Area coverage: 650 sq ft for general healthcare facilities, office premises and homes; 390 sq ft for general public indoor areas, restaurants and catering premises.


  • Area coverage: 650 sq ft. Ideal for places where there is a need to remove odours.

Generally, any area larger than this may require more than one unit. Some factors to consider are:

  • how many people are in the room
  • the characteristics of the ambient air
  • whether air circulation in the room is good
  • whether there is fresh air coming into the room
  • how many people enter and leave the room from time to time
  • OXIRA should NOT be placed near flammables, e.g. curtains, piles of paper, etc. You may place the unit in an unreachable corner, or under a desk as long as it’s uncluttered. However, many doctors, consultants and other professionals choose to put them on the desk so that virus and bacteria can be caught and eliminated at the earliest possible stage. Shelves and centre of meeting room tables are also recommended spots.
  • The air inlet and outlet should not be obstructed for best efficiency. If the location you choose to put the unit has a substantial risk of damaging the unit, you may choose to use our specially designed protective case.
  • Wall and ceiling brackets are also available. For wall or ceiling mounting, there are different factors in a room that govern where the position should be. Ideally it should be in a position where the treated clean air is not pushed out the window and wasted. It should be in a safe place, and away from reach of children. And finally it should be in a position where it is most pleasing to be seen.

OXIRA’s maintenance cost is proven to be significantly lower than most professional air purifiers using HEPA filters, based on a 24 hour operation.


You can download our Quick View User Guide for OXIRA Sentry, Nocturne and XN here

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