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OXIRA (HK) Limited

OXIRA HK Limited is the sole distributor of OXIRA ultraviolet air neutralisers. All OXIRA units are made in Australia.

OXIRA aims to bring a healthier environment to all. 

Since 2009, OXIRA has built its name as a trusted air neutraliser brand, servicing a wide spectrum of businesses – from healthcare to food manufacturing to real estate.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, OXIRA was originally designed for the healthcare industry where simplicity and durability is of paramount importance. Today, OXIRA in its 8th version, is protecting tens of thousands of doctors and medical professionals worldwide.

OXIRA ultraviolet air neutraliser is laboratory proven to effectively reduce 99.99% airborne coronavirus.

It is safe, compact and extremely efficient.

OXIRA is uniquely designed to effectively lower airborne germ count safely and naturally, including fungus, bacteria, virus, mould and yeast, using UV irradiation.

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  • Cleaning-Up Hong Kong and Macau

    With COVID-19 virus transmission an ongoing threat, OXIRA provides discreet air sanitising for homes, businesses and public buildings to neutralise the risks of spread and contagion.

    Unlike simple air filter products, OXIRA uses certified UVC technology to kill airborne virus microbes and other bacteria.

  • Available in three models, Sentry, Nocturne and XN

    Available in three models, Sentry, Nocturne and XN, with variable air volumes for different environments, OXIRA units are small, unobtrusive, whisper-quiet and low-maintenance. The German-made UVC tube can run continuously 24 hours a day.

    OXIRA, designed and used by hospitals and clinics, is manufactured in Australia and trusted by professionals worldwide for reliable air disinfection.

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