Air change or air purifier mandate by HK government. OXIRA can provide one stop service

The Hong Kong government has just announced that catering business premises should comply with specified requirements on air change or air purifier and obtain certification by Apr 30:

  1. the air exchange rate of indoor ventilation systems to achieve at least 6 times per hour, or
  2. install air purifiers like C-type ultraviolet (UVC) air neutralizer on their premises.

To meet the above mandate, many restaurants and F&B groups have decided on OXIRA after evaluating different UVC air purifier brands.

OXIRA complies with FEHD’s specifications and criteria, making it the perfect solution for protecting your customers and employees while meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring sustainability of your restaurant business.

To save you the hassle, we provide one-stop service, and will arrange for registered specialist contractor to sign off the “Certificate on Air Change / Installation of Air Purification Device in Catering Premises” and submit to FEHD on behalf of restaurants and catering premises. If needed, we can also arrange to have a registered specialist contractor assess if the air exchange rate of your indoor ventilation systems can meet the requirement of 6 times per hour, and provide recommendations and contract work quotation.

Air change or air purifier mandate by HK government. OXIRA can provide one stop service

The OXIRA advantage for restaurants:

  • COMPACT: About the size of a 500ml mineral water bottle, you can install it on a table, or easily mount it on a wall or ceiling without taking up any floor space;
  • EFFECTIVE: Uses the world’s best quartz German UV-C lamps, and a special reflector coating around the lamp amplifies UV intensity. It’s one of the extremely few lab tested air purifier proven to reduce 99.99% airborne coronavirus. It’s also recently tested by a renowned university in Hong Kong verifying its germicidal effectiveness;
  • DURABLE & LOW MAINTENANCE: The unit is designed to operate 24 hours a day all year round and can maintain up to 90% germicidal power for over 15,000 hours (i.e. 7×24 continuous operation for 20 months, or 40 months if used 12 hours a day). It has no filters and the only consumable is the UV tube;
  • SAFE: Complied with relevant international safety standards and independently tested by a leading laboratory in Hong Kong. The UV-C lamp is housed in a sealed enclosure, shielding the human body from exposure. It’s tested that no harmful UV-C light is emitted from the machine and hence safe to use.

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