Spread of mould spores is the cause of moulding, not humidity!

Dehumidifiers or air conditioners operating 24 hours a day only suppress moulding and consume a lot of electrical energy*, but they do not actually kill the mould.

OXIRA can attack the root cause of moulding by killing mould spores in the air to stop mould from forming, and can easily neutralize all other airborne germs, viruses and fungi, which makes OXIRA perfect for humid premises, including changing rooms, toilets, boats and yachts.

Not only moulds have unpleasant smell, they are known causes of respiratory conditions, asthma, coughing, sneezing, frequent headaches, eye, throat or skin irritation, chronic fatigue, worsening of allergies, anxiety…etc.

*Note: An average residential air-conditioner consumes over 1000W of energy per hour, but OXIRA uses only 18W. Imagine how much energy and costs you will save per year.

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