Restaurants have high-risk of pathogen spread

Restaurants are high-risk places because customers will take off their masks to eat, and many customers will also talk while eating, substantially increasing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. The Hong Kong government may soon mandatorily require restaurants to obtain certification for: (1) the air exchange rate of indoor ventilation systems to achieve 6 times per hour, or (2) install C-type ultraviolet (UVC) air purifiers on the premises.

OXIRA is a global leading brand in UVC germicidal technology and its compact design allows the unit to be placed anywhere without taking up space and to quickly treat polluted air at close range. With its industry leading sanitization performance, OXIRA is the best choice for Hong Kong restaurants where space is generally limited. This is not only for meeting the regulatory requirements, but also to protect the health of customers and employees as well as safeguarding the sustainability of the restaurant business.

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