澳大利亞製造的 OXIRA NOCTURNE 型號與 SENTRY 相似,但噪音水平較低。它的設計產生更少的噪音,並且氣流速度略低,適用於教室、辦公室、會議室或其他需要超低噪音水平的室內區域。

澳大利亞製造的 OXIRA NOCTURNE 型號與 SENTRY 相似,但噪音水平較低。它的設計產生更少的噪音,並且氣流速度略低,適用於教室、辦公室、會議室或其他需要超低噪音水平的室內區域。


A quieter version of the SENTRY.


Also includes the special reflector coating that comes in the SENTRY, but with a lower fan speed.  Perfect as a ‘night watch’.


Suitable for:
Doctors’ rooms, fine dining restaurants, hotels, clinics, schools, spas, private residences, childcare, classrooms, meeting rooms, smaller indoor public spaces where low noise level is an utmost priority.

Product info

Wavelength of UV 254nm
UV Intensity @ 1m 36uW/cm2
Lamp Lifespan 15,000 hours
UV Reflector Coating YES
Control System OXIRA XDrive6
Motor Technology MagLev
UV Arc Length 132mm
UV Power 2.7W
Unit Power 12Vdc@18W max
Fan Noise Level 12 dBa
Unit Dimensions 360mm (L)x46mm(W)x41(H)
Unit Weight 0.6kg
Warranty 1 year
Recommended UV tube replacement: 12 months (or 10,000 hours)

Unit placement

The units can be placed on a table, wall or ceiling mounted. Optional accessories are: protective case, wall mount kit, ceiling brackets, table stand.

OXIRA 裝置放置在房間或室內區域的什麼位置?

  • It should not be placed near flammables, e.g. curtains, piles of paper, etc. You may place the unit in an unreachable corner, or under a desk as long as it’s uncluttered. However, many doctors, consultants and other professionals choose to put them on the desk so that virus and bacteria can be caught and eliminated at the earliest possible stage. Shelves and centre of meeting room tables are also clients’ favourite spots.
  • The air inlet and outlet should not be obstructed for best efficiency. If the location you choose to put the unit has a substantial risk of damaging the unit, you may choose to use our specially designed protective case.
  • Wall and ceiling brackets are also available. For wall or ceiling mounting, there are different factors in a room that govern where the position should be. Ideally it should be in a position where the treated clean air is not pushed out the window and wasted. It should be in a safe place, and away from reach of children. And finally it should be in a position where it is most pleasing to be seen.

Area coverage

Each unit can cover up to approximately

  • 430 sqft for general healthcare facilities, office premises and homes;
  • 260 sqft for general public indoor areas, restaurants and catering premises

Generally, any area larger than this may require more than one unit. Some factors to consider are:

  • how many people are in the room
  • the characteristics of the ambient air
  • whether air circulation in the room is good
  • whether there are fresh air coming into the room
  • how many people enter and leave the room from time to time


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